A rapid evaluation of the community by the locals about a particular situation in the WASH sector and waste management is developed.


These problems are faced by groups and alternative ideas are
tested which leads to a final co-created prototype (small size or real size).




It aims at enhancing leadership and entrepreneurship skills to
support either  projects co-created during the workshops or own ideas.

It is also given for scaling-up and fostering projects; link people and inspire
them with other fresh ideas and entrepreneurships; and finally to keep track and discover
relevant impacts.

Personalized support

iCade is an innovative platform for the integration of communities and former militants towards local water, sanitation, solid waste projects in Latin America and uplifting the peace building in Colombia. It develops a hands-on experience for the co-creation of low-cost technologies and brings support for the development of business opportunities.

What is iCade?

Upcoming projects

As part of the International Design Innovation Network (IDIN), iCade's Managing Director, Héctor García, will co-organice the IDDS Buuilging Peace -Reconciliation from Co-creation. We strongly believe that is a unique oportunity to make real and powerful impacts in communities.

Please contact the e-mail or

There is still time to apply for non-colombians. Until 15th November.

innovative Capacities

for development

Photograps taken by Sneyder Neira


Cali, Colombia

Tel: +57 318 5330 838


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